C-COR offers state of the art test solutions for operations and maintenance of Cable HFC networks. C-COR partners with Deviser Test Systems to provide test instruments for DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 networks. Deviser’s test and measurement tools are ideal for installation, verification and maintenance of cable networks. The instruments’ robust set of features and capabilities reduces operational expenses for the cable field engineers by ensuring the proper installation of the network on the first visit and shortening the time required for on-site for service calls. Whether you’re an installer, a contractor, a service engineer or a headend engineer, Deviser’s broad suite of customisable tools makes it the ultimate test instrument for validating OFDM/DOCSIS 3.1 networks. Tie it all together with the Deviser EDGE platform for managing assets, firmware upgrades, channel plans, and measurement results.