Internet Network Security

What if your business’s computer systems could defend themselves from massive network attacks?

The C-COR Secure64 Portfolio gives you that security.

Carrier-grade Security eliminates all paths for malware injection and execution plus provides built-in protection against high volume denial-of-service attacks.

Support mission-critical Domain Name Server (DNS) applications and workloads with breakthrough performance, reliability, scalability, and availability built on an Intel® Itanium® platform.

The Secure64 Portfolio comprises:

DNS Authority
A state-of-the-art secure authoritative DNS Server.

DNS Cache
Always available, scalable software, self-protecting secure DNS Caching Server.

DNS Signer
An automated Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) integrated signing solution.

DNS Manager
A centralised DNS Management tool makes it easy to upload new configuration revisions and monitoring network load.

DNS Guard
Protects users and devices from phishing attacks and malware infections. Don’t rely on users to update software.

The Secure64 Portfolio gives your business deep protection against even the most sophisticated digital threats.

We’ve created it to give your systems super-powerful, super-fast resources to protect sensitive information and prevent attacks that might compromise your customers and cost you money.

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