Fibre to X

Fibre future proofs your networks today with multiple gigabite of capacity & lowest latency

Fibre is your best option for providing low latency high bandwidth ultra broadband services to homes and offices. It ensures you won’t need a street level upgrade for the foreseeable future. C-COR FTTx solutions enable you to provide an end-to-end GPON service to your¬†customer’s home and office. C-COR’s GPON chassis offers highly reliable network core solutions for large and medium footprint deployments for metro area networks, residential gated communities, shopping malls and hospitality environments. The versatile C-COR GPON ONTs come in various configurations. That enables you to provide the most flexible CPE solution at your user’s premises. On the street level, we have you covered with the reliable and cost effective C-COR optical passive solution.

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