Modular Video Processing Platform – Appear TV XC5000 / XC5100

The Appear TV portfolio is built around modular platforms hosting a wide selection of interoperable modules that give unparalleled configuration possibilities. Through its clever and robust design, the integrated architecture also offers superior reliability that can meet demanding operator requirements. A key feature of the products is the ability to accommodate customers preferred system architectures while reducing complexity. It is possible to build an entire broadcast system within a single chassis or distribute it between several discreet stages or distributed architectures.

Appear TV’s 4RU XC5000 / 1RU XC5100 encoder frame can receive signals from a variety of sources, including satellite, terrestrial, cable, IP networks or local ASI feeds.

Appear TV’s modular video processing platform offers a variety of modules to customise the platform for any type of application. Any signal input from any carrier can be captured and adapted to any other signal output, with powerful video processing to any format and any device. In addition, all Appear TV modules can work with other third-party devices, making integration with existing transmission equipment seamless. With its ability to support multiple processes from its XC5x00 Series 4RU or 1RU modular frames, Appear TV’s solution also reduces space by increasing functional density, providing significant operating-cost savings.

The platform has an established wide range of encoding and transcoding modules designed to provide support for all headend encoding and transcoding tasks, while offering control over all inputs and outputs. This means that any format input can address any format output for any device, making system operations simple and straight forward. The latest addition in modules is Appear TV’s High-Channel Density, Multi-format SD/HD and Multi-screen Universal Transcoder Module, which performs “any-to-any” format transcodes, supporting 4 full-HD, 16 SD or 28 sub-SD profiles per module, as well as associated audio channels.

The modular nature of the Appear TV solution allows multiple transcoder modules to be operated from one 4RU XC5000 chassis, with the capacity to support 64 HD, up to 256 SD or more than 448 sub-SD profiles per frame. These transcoding capabilities can be combined with Appear TV’s Encoder module, which can handle up to 32 HD or 64 SD channels per 4RU chassis, offering HD-SDI/SDI with MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC encoding. Audio encoding includes MPEG-1 Layer 2 stereo, LC-AAC stereo, HE-AAC v1/2 stereo and Dolby Digital pass-through formats.

Details for Modular Video Processing Platform – Appear TV XC5000 / XC5100

  • XC5000 / XC5100 encoder frame can receive signals from a variety of sources, including satellite, terrestrial, cable, IP networks or local ASI feeds
  • Appear TV’s modules provide multiple processes for all stages of the transmission chain, from content-aggregation and video processing to multiplexing and multiple carrier delivery.

Click here for the datasheet: Modular Video Processing Platform – Appear TV XC5000 / XC5100

NetUP IPTV Combine 8x

NetUP’s IPTV Combine 8x is an all-in-one IPTV server designed especially for IPTV projects.

It is a perfect solution for hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, cruise ships, small telcos, IPTV labs and show rooms. The device includes IPTV middleware with billing that can handle up to 500 IP set-top boxes; DVB to IP gateway with 8 DVB-S/DVB-S2 inputs and 8 CI slots that allow to receive and decode TV channels from 8 transponders; a VoD server that can handle up to 50 concurrent VoD streams and with 1 TB of HDD space for video content storage – all installed, integrated, and configured to launch an IPTV service easily and fast.

An interface to hotel property management systems, such as MICROS-Fidelio is optional. Providing hotel VoD and IP television with IPTV Combine 8x is very cost-effective and affordable even to a small hotel. IPTV Combine 8x hotel edition supports welcome messages, hotel information page, hotel bill view, messaging, express checkout, room status change and much more.

One device can receive and decode 8 satellite transponders that corresponds to approximately 50 TV channels. The compactness of IPTV Combine 8x allows to save space on installation and to reduce shipping costs. The former is very important when installing IPTV in confined environments, e.g. on yachts.

IP set-top boxes of different models can be used within the same network.
An optional TVoD Server can also be added to the IPTV platform to enable TV of Demand, Pause Live TV, and NPVR features.

Details for NetUP IPTV Combine 8x

  • An integrated IPTV platform for Linear TV, VoD and SVoD services includes middleware and billing interface for FIAS v.2 protocol
  • Advanced multi-screen user interface
  • EPG engine
  • Network PVR (or as a separate module)
  • Catch-up TV
  • Start Over TV
  • Storage
  • Advanced Recommendation engine
  • Intuitive consumer portal for online management
  • Fully hosted DRM (ARRIS SecureMedia)
  • Support for both managed and unmanaged networks
  • Payment support (e-payment, native billing system)
  • Inputs & Outputs supported: 8 x DVB-S2/T2/C2; 8 x CI slots; 4x1Gb Ethernet ports; serial console, and 2 USB
  • Optional DVB to IP Gateway to increase the number of TV channels sourced from DVB sources
  • 19” rack-mount case, 1U: 440x44x410mm
  • Weighs 9.2kg
  • Power: 90-264 Volts, 47-63Hz