Returns and Cancellation Policy

Material may not be returned to C-COR without prior written authorization. Customer must contact C-COR to obtain a (RMA) Return Merchandise Authorisation number  and return the Material to the location designated by C-COR with all transportation charges including all other related charges and costs paid by Customer. Any Material returned to C-COR without proper authorization will be returned to Customer at Customer expense.

To obtain a RMA number the steps are:

Should you encounter a problem, you are requested to use our contact form on the repair centre page or call our customer service phone number 1300 CCOR TV (+61 1300 226 788) and get an “RMA number” or designation which you should transcribe on to the bill of lading or other packaging. This is so that our Logistics team knows how to route the returned goods and is assured that the customer has talked to someone in customer service.

For a defect in the product, our service technician will have to ascertain the context of the damage. The faulty product then goes to the Repair Centre team who will try to repair the defect if it’s a minor defect, and return it to you again. If both these tests fail, then the item is sent to the principal vendor for replacement, and the principal vendor will once again check whether there were any defects in the product or whether the product has been tampered with.

Finally, if all these tests fail and there is a confirmed production defect, we will replace the material with another of the same (which is not defective), or we will issue a credit note to you the customer which may be exchanged for cash or another product.

Generally, RMA is done with new goods that have been received DOA (“dead on arrival”) or when they have become defective while still under warranty.

In some cases we will send RMA forms and packing labels, sometimes even pre-arranged packaging for the return shipment.

Return Process

Please do not return product to C-COR until a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) number has been issued. The RMA number will be voided after 45 days if the product is not returned by that date. The product may not be returned until another valid RMA number is issued. Unauthorized shipments of returned product and improperly packaged or damaged returns may be refused by C-COR.

The RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package. This will expedite and ensure processing of the return upon its arrival at the C-COR repair centre.

The returned product must be returned in original packaging, or charges may apply. Please follow the return packaging instructions provided by C-COR. Any damage incurred due to improper packaging shall be customer’s responsibility.

A packing slip referencing the RMA number and listing the individual items returned must accompany the return. C-COR may refuse shipment if this documentation is not provided.

Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs (except Out-of-Box Failures), unless otherwise approved. Return all shipments freight prepaid via your preferred carrier. Freight damage incurred is the responsibility of the customer.

All returned material must be complete and in original packaging for a full credit. C-COR reserves the right to withhold issuance of credit to customer until returned product is inspected for damage, missing components, quantity discrepancies, or unauthorized returns. Inspection of returned material shall be completed within two weeks. Only upon verification of acceptable product condition will credit be issued.

Non-Defective Returns

If the return of product is not the result of defects in materials, workmanship, or error by C-COR, C-COR reserves the right to charge a restocking fee. To be eligible for return, product must be in new condition with the original packaging including all accessories, cables and user manuals. Unless otherwise agreed upon in customer contract, the following restocking fee shall apply:

For C-COR authorized returns submitted within six months from the original ship date, customer will be charged a 15% restocking fee plus costs up to 100% of the selling price. Costs may include, but are not limited to, damaged material/packaging and other costs associated with returning the product to saleable condition.

Non-defective product returns require physical inspection and/or structural/electrical testing prior to their return to inventory and issuance of credit. Inspection of returned material shall be completed within two weeks.

Out-of-Box Failure

If product fails within 10 days of installation or 30 days after date shipped, whichever comes first, the situation is classified as an out-of-box failure. C-COR Technical Support Engineers must first be contacted to verify product operation, at 1300 CCOR TV (+61 1300 226 788). Once confirmed, the product may be returned for repair at no charge. C-COR will perform the repair, coordinate shipment with the freight company and pay freight both ways.

Returns Not Eligible for Credit

The following products are not eligible for credit return:

  • Custom designed, special, or otherwise non-standard product. This includes custom colour and private label.
  • Obsolete product, which is defined as products no longer in production.
  • Batteries, unless C-COR incorrectly shipped the order. In which case, customer must notify C-COR within 30 days of receipt in order to process credit return.
  • Any product shipped more than six months ago.


Customer may not cancel any orders, revise quantity, deviate from specifications or shipping schedules unless and only by mutual agreement as to recovery by C-COR for applicable charges which will take into account expenses incurred and/or commitments made by C-COR in faithful execution of any orders. Special, custom, or otherwise non-standard orders are non-cancellable. This includes custom colour and private label. Unless otherwise agreed upon in customer contract, the following cancellation fees shall apply:

  • For order cancellations submitted to C-COR within 48 hours of receiving C-COR’s order acknowledgement, customer will not be charged a cancellation fee.
  • For all other C-COR authorized cancellations, customer will be charged a $200 cancellation fee plus any incurred and/or committed costs up to 100% of the selling price. Costs may include, but are not limited to, ordered and wasted material, overhead and profit.