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C-COR Broadband is your full-service partner when it comes to designing and building your next generation broadband network

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We’re not your usual supplier. We design, integrate, and engineer networks. Our end-to-end specialisation means we don’t just push boxes. We get deeply involved in consultation, design, integration, deployment and support. This allows us to optimise your cost savings at every step.

We also place great emphasis on providing high-level post-sales technical assistance. Our technology has a very long lifespan, provided it gets the right maintenance and upgrades.

C-COR Broadband provides ongoing tech support no matter the location or scale of your project.

The Largest Inventory

of Connectivity Products

By choosing C-COR Broadband, you get access to the largest range of cable broadband and 50 ohm connectivity products in the industry.

Our acquisition team researches and sources specialised products from leading manufacturers around the world for each domain.

Their top priority is operating expense and capital expenditure reduction and achieving the best possible performance within your budget.

Once we handpick the very best solutions, we then independently test them so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting leading, top-quality products — not just standards compliant products with unknown reliability attributes.

Meaning you can build ultra-fast broadband, plus wireless and fixed networks with high levels of reliability — and a low cost of ownership.

Custom Design of Your Network and Niche Product Requirements

C-COR Broadband is highly regarded around the industry for its capability to design broadband infrastructure projects. We have a legacy of delivering highly reliable HFC and Fibre-to-the-Home networks across Asia Pacific supported with documentation and sourcing niche products.

So if you’re after ultrafast broadband infrastructure design that allows you to build an efficient network with fewer outages and higher reliability…get in touch with us NOW.

And if you need a product or piece of equipment that’s not available off the shelf, we can help there too.

We offer complete design, development and production of niche products and equipment to the highest regulatory and international compliance standards.

Our skilled engineers have created custom quiet non-standby power supply systems for Telstra, coaxial cable for Optus and custom HFC Apartment amplifiers for nbn co.

Whatever the application, however complex the requirements, we can deliver.

The Best Independent

Engineering Advice in Australia

and the Asia-Pacific Region

We have a dedicated engineering team who can provide you with independent, expert advice on system design, system configuration, installation, and commissioning to deliver optimum performance for your broadband network infrastructure.

Whether it’s the latest headend products, software tools or passive products, our team knows every one of our products inside and out and can work closely with you to integrate them into your current network.

And because we’re not tied to a single brand or product line we can find the very best product to fit your needs and deliver a seamless and long lasting solution deployment.

Just as importantly, our long history in the broadband infrastructure industry means you’re tapping into the knowledge of people who understand the unique technical aspects of designing, building and running networks.

So you know you’re getting the best, and locally applicable advice possible.

Our Industry Leading Supply Chain Means No Down-Time for Your Projects

Our heavy investment in supply chain and product providence methodology means you can be confident we’ll meet our deadlines, so you can meet yours. You’ll get your delivery on-schedule so your infrastructure projects keep rolling with no downtime. That means no idle workforce or sub-contractors, no slow-down in your construction and no missing deadlines and incurring penalties.

We have off-shelf availability for all integral components for HFC broadband infrastructure and because we commit so much to local inventory for both active and passive products, you can get prompt delivery for even non-forecast or unplanned product needs.

World Class Support from An Expert in Your Time Zone

We understand there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait overnight to hear back from a support centre in another time zone.

Or to have to send your infrastructure critical parts overseas for repair.

That’s why we have a dedicated team of knowledgeable engineers and skilled technicians to provide after sales support and repair services for broken equipment back to factory quality standards.

“C-COR is clearly a highly competent and capable provider of engineered HFC Cable Network products. They’ve been a reliable supplier of HFC Cable products like their Opti Max 4100 optical gateway and cableCOR RG6/11 quad-shield cable.”

Core Network PlanningMajor Australian Telco

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