C-COR offers the most flexible RF overlay solution in the industry, enabling the provision of digital and analogue video over PON networks. C-COR product range includes Externally Modulated 1550nm and ITU Transmitters, high optical power multi-port EDFAs, gain flattened multi-port EDFAs for Remote MAC-PHY scenarios, and RF overlay customer premises equipment for linear video delivery.


  • IPCOR ON120 FTTH Mini Node

    The IPCOR ON120 series is an FTTH Mini Node that supports Video Overlay application over FTTH optical fibre access network. It operates on 1002MHz RF bandwidth with high output power up to 82dBuV (AGC).

  • Optical Fiber Amplifier IPCOR OA3000 Series

    IPCOR OA3000 Erbium-Doped Fibre Amplifier consists of a high quality pump laser, isolator and wavelength-division-multiplexer…

  • Optical Fiber Amplifier IPCOR OA5000 Series

    The IPCOR OA5000 series provide for cost-effective CATV transmission solutions and is a highly reliable cornerstone for the optical access network…