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  • C-COR Skirting Board Box, Single Entry, F Type

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    C-COR Two Way Splitter, Balanced, 1GHz

    L1.3.1 | Telstra Serial 73800011

  • C-COR Cable Clip Round, 6.5 mm Black


  • C-COR Cable Ties


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    RF DC RL12 UnBal 3Way 1.2GHz 15A, 2Bal,1UnBal, Arris/Regal

    A63.6.12 | Optus Serial 4372

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    Internal Splitter

    A63.3 – 2

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    Splitter 3 Way 2kSeries,1GHz, Indoor, Tin Plated

    L.CMC2003BHA | Telstra Serial 73800060

  • SPLITTER, 75 ohm, Belling Lee, 1 x input (male) to 2 x outputs (female); nickel-plated

    L1.8 | Telstra Serial 40008659

  • ATX Directional Coupler 27dB 1GHz 130dB EMI Shield


  • ATX Directional Coupler 30dB 1GHz 130dB EMI Shield


  • ATX Directional Coupler 24dB 1GHz 130dB EMI Shield


  • ATX Directional Coupler 16dB 1GHz 130dB EMI Shield


  • ATX Directional Coupler 20dB 1GHz 130dB EMI Shield


  • ATX Directional Coupler 6dB 1GHz 130dB EMI Shield


  • ATX Directional Coupler 9dB 1GHz 130dB EMI Shield


  • ATX Directional Coupler 12dB 1GHz 130dB EMI Shield


  • C-COR F Type Male to Belling Lee Female Adaptor

    L20.3 | Telstra Serial 73800047

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    C-COR Three Way Splitter, 1GHz

    L1.3.2 | Telstra Serial 73800060

  • C-COR Directional Coupler 9dB

    L20.2 | Telstra Serial 73800048

  • C-COR Wallplate with F to F connector (Telstra Logo)

    C410.2 | Telstra Serial 73800005

  • C-COR Skirting Board Box, Single Entry, F Type (Telstra Logo)

    C410.1 | Telstra Serial 73800059

  • C-COR 5mm P-Clip Cable Clamp – white