The IPCOR OA5000 series provide for cost-effective CATV transmission solutions and is a highly reliable cornerstone for the optical access network. The design and compactness makes the OA5000 especially suitable for FTTB and FTTH applications.

The devices consist of high quality, reliable pump lasers, isolators and optional WDM passives providing a versatile integrated solution for operators to scale their network growth according to demand.

  • 8, 16 or 32 Output ports
  • Adjustable Output Power via NMS or Front Panel
  • Output Automatic Power Control (APC)
  • Redundant AC or DC powering
  • Optimal Heat-dissipation design
  • Built in WDM (optional) for PON applications
  • Supports SNMPv2 protocol

Click here for the datasheet: OPTICAL FIBRE AMPLIFIER IPCOR OA5000 series


IPCOR OA3000 Erbium-Doped Fibre Amplifier consists of a high quality pump laser, isolator and wavelength-division-multiplexer. The performance of the components ensures high reliability and operation of the product. By using advanced design principles and modern manufacture techniques, the EDFA exhibits the lowest noise and the highest pumping efficiency.

In fulfilling its requirements for reliable transmission, the device detects input signal, locks on to and monitors output power. Alarms are also provided for failure of the pump laser and amplifier modules.

The IPCOR OA3000 network management interface is based on SNMP (RJ45) and also provides a local monitoring interface (RS 232) allowing full control and monitoring.

  • Adjustable Output power via NMS or front panel
  • Output power: 6dbm~25dbm
  • Output power adjustable (Up 0.5dB and Down 4dB)
  • APC Output power locking function, embedded (with) Input / Output isolator
  • Thick aluminium base and integrated heat dissipation design increases lifetime
  • Redundant, hot pluggable power supply
    LED display showing optical power, bias current, laser temperature and cooling current.

Click here for the datasheet: OPTICAL FIBRE AMPLIFIER IPCOR OA3000 series