Remote PHY Nodes (RCN) and intelligent RF amplifiers are the core products of the C-COR HFC portfolio. Our Remote PHY products have passed interoperability testing with virtual Converged Cable Access Platform (vCCAP) core technology.

The Teleste AC9100 NEO is an intelligent, 2 x 4 segmentable node with Remote PHY support. It offers high output level (Umax 112 QAM / 114.0 dBµV) and supports 1.2 GHz / 204 MHz bandwidth. Remote monitoring and control is available with transponder (HMS/CATVisor or DOCSIS).

To protect sensitive network products, we have custom designed power systems for cable operators. The C-COR Ferro Resonant Powering Device (FRPD) is a Line Power Supply (LPS) which has no active electrical components. It comprises a ferro-resonant transformer, an AC capacitor and an LED indicator. It is environmentally hardened for harsh Australian environmental conditions.

The C-COR second generation FRPD product has performance and safety improvements – LED, high temperature rated wiring – specified for Australian RCM compliance. The FRPD can be custom designed to meet specific requirements.


  • Teleste DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH)

  • ATX I-Hub

    The I-HUB field-hardened platform extends the Chromadigm full band transport for hub elimination, HFC fibre deep, RFoG and 1550nm PON overlay architectures…