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  • TAP 4 way 1GHz 8dB RF Only 12 Amp OPTUS

  • TAP 8 way 1GHz 11dB RF Only 12 Amp OPTUS


  • TAP 4 way 1GHz 14dB RF Only 12 Amp OPTUS


  • TAP 4 way 1GHz 17dB RF Only 12 Amp OPTUS


  • TAP 4 way 1GHz 20dB RF Only 12 Amp OPTUS


  • TAP 4 way 1GHz 11dB RF Only 12 Amp OPTUS


  • Cable Prep RBC-7691 Replacement blades


  • C-COR Fibre Service cable 30m, 0.9mm SC/APC

    A200.5.8 | Optus Serial A200.5.8

  • C-COR Fibre Service Cable 90m, 0.9mm SC/APC

    A200.5.9 | Optus Serial A200.5.9

  • C-COR Fibre Service Cable 120m, 0.9mm SC/APC

    A200.5.10 | Optus Serial A200.5.10

  • IPCOR G8M Series GPON OLT Multi-Service Solution

    IPCOR G8M GPON series Platform is a scalable multi-services 4RU high performance OLT (Optical Line Terminal) platform with high density 10G switching functionality…

  • IPCOR ON120 FTTH Mini Node

    The IPCOR ON120 series is an FTTH Mini Node that supports Video Overlay application over FTTH optical fibre access network. It operates on 1002MHz RF bandwidth with high output power up to 82dBuV (AGC).

  • IPCOR200 ONT

    The IPCOR200 ONT is a series of ITU-T GPON compliant high performance GPON optical residential gateway…

  • Optical Fiber Amplifier IPCOR OA3000 Series

    IPCOR OA3000 Erbium-Doped Fibre Amplifier consists of a high quality pump laser, isolator and wavelength-division-multiplexer…

  • Optical Fiber Amplifier IPCOR OA5000 Series

    The IPCOR OA5000 series provide for cost-effective CATV transmission solutions and is a highly reliable cornerstone for the optical access network…

  • Appear TV XC5000 / XC5100 Modular Video Processing Platform

    The Appear TV portfolio is built around modular platforms hosting a wide selection of interoperable modules that give unparalleled configuration possibilities…

  • ATX ChromaFlex

    The ChromaFlex optical transport platform is an ITU-T compliant platform. ATX’s ChromaFlex platform and its application specific modules have been designed for headend and major hub site applications where performance, versatility and space efficiency are of the highest importance…

  • ATX I-Hub

    The I-HUB field-hardened platform extends the Chromadigm full band transport for hub elimination, HFC fibre deep, RFoG and 1550nm PON overlay architectures…

  • C100G & C40G CCAP

    Casa Systems’ track record of firsts – such as its distributed access architecture – has been recognised by BTR’s Diamond Technology Review on 10 September 2016…

  • Axyom Ultra-Broadband Edge Platform

    The Internet of Things (IoT), high-definition everything, virtual and augmented reality, ever bigger data tsunamis – this is the not-so distant ultra-broadband future…