Set-Top Box Gateway

The IPCOR200 ONT is a series of ITU-T GPON compliant high performance GPON optical residential gateway. It offers MSOs and Services Providers with advanced triple play (high speed internet, VOIP, IPTV or traditional CATV and Wi-Fi) services in Fibre to The Home or Business (FTTH & FTTB) networks.
The IPCOR200 series ONUs are designed to operate in a shared PON fiber architecture and supports with up to 64 homes under one PON OLT port. It includes basic 4 GbE ports with many selectable options to offer CATV RF, VoIP or WIFI services.
The IPCOR200 series is easy to install, activate, and maintain with OMCI and TR-069. It provides high quality and robust services to allow operators to expand their existing networks and services quickly. Combined with C-COR Standard based GPON OLT platform, the IPCOR200 can provide ultimate end- to-end FTTX solution in offering advanced Video, Voice, and Data services.

Details for Set-Top Box Gateway

  • 2.5 GPON WAN
  • 4xGE Data Port
  • 2xVoIP POTS
  • Up to 64 ONUs per OLT
  • Optional Wi-Fi, USB
  • Flexible Auto Provision Schemes
  • Secure Network to Prevent Attacks
  • Web Interface and SNMP Management

Click here for the datasheet: Set-Top Box Gateway