5G Fixed Wireless Access

Gigabit to The Home – Hybrid Fibre-Wireless Networks

The fastest way to provide real gigabit broadband

If you’re going to provide gigabit services for the business segment, you should do it fast. Upgrading infrastructure is expensive and time consuming, you need to be absolutely sure you don’t get to your market too late. That’s what millimeter waves (mmWave) are for. You can deliver the Gigabit over wireless, which also means lightning fast deployment to get you to market quicker than your competitors.

Millimeter waves are a different kind of wireless. They combine the capacity of fibre with the flexibility, speed of deployment and affordable cost of wireless networks. That means our links can be used as a natural extension of your fibre plant.

Our mmWave solution will cover your last hop whatever it looks like. Get all the way up to 10Gbps, on the street or on the roof, in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies.

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