We Can Help You Build Faster, More Reliable and Competitive Broadband Networks Than Anyone Else

That’s why every major Australian Telco and MSO chooses to rely on C-COR Broadband

Why Australia’s Biggest Companies Choose Us for Their Broadband Networks

We’re the key supplier of products and services for every major Australian Telco, MSO and the majority of electrical wholesalers. Why? Simply because we lead the pack when it comes to having the knowledge, experience and resources to deliver cutting edge, reliable broadband solutions. From design, supply, integration, support and repair they know that they can rely on us for the perfect broadband solution for their business.

We Combine Cutting-Edge Performance with Proven Reliability

At C-COR Broadband we handpick the very best solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers of broadband infrastructure products. So unlike with big ‘all-in-one’ vendors, you won’t be locked into using a sub-par product that could threaten the performance of your network.

When you choose for us to supply your business you know you’re getting the latest high performance, highly reliable products that we’ve personally tested and vetted. And if the perfect solution doesn’t exist out there for your business, we can even custom-design one for you.

You Don’t Just Get Products, You Get Solutions

Some suppliers will deliver your order and leave it at that. But we’re different. Our highly experienced engineering team provides independent advice and expert guidance to help you design a superfast broadband network that’s efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

And because we believe in building long lasting partnerships, we’ll ensure our design solution set delivers the maximum value to you. So whether it’s the latest headend products, software tools or passive products we’ll provide you with the perfect infrastructure for your needs and work with you to seamlessly integrate them into your network. And once it’s all running smoothly, we’ll always be there to help with any problems that arise, including comprehensive repair services for your investment.

Get Independent Advice from Experts That Understand The Aussie Market and Its Unique Challenges

We’re a proud Aussie business and we’ve been an integral part of Australia’s broadband industry since 1993. From end-to-end delivery of the Telstra / Foxtel network over 20 years ago to building state-of-the-art carrier-grade infrastructure for newly emerging industry players today, we’ve seen the industry and technology grow and change.

That means we understand the unique intricacies and history of all the major broadband networks here. And it means we can give you the best local engineering advice on system design, configuration and installation. We can also quickly repair equipment right here in Australia, and our investment in local inventory means faster delivery for those unplanned products you urgently need.

We’re Local, But We Scale Global

We’re not a giant, multinational corporation, and we don’t claim to be. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take on big projects. We’ve successfully delivered large-scale broadband infrastructure solutions in Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Pakistan, India and The Philippines for some of the biggest telecommunication companies here and abroad like Telstra, nbn co, Optus, Docomo Pacific, Vodafone NZ and Omantel.

So you can rest assured that however small or big, niche or multi-dimensional your project is, we can find the best solution for your business.

Our ‘No Finger Pointing’ Promise to You

When you choose C-COR Broadband you’re not just choosing a supplier. We treat every one of our clients as a partner. That means we accept full responsibility throughout the delivery of your solution. We’ll make sure nothing goes wrong – and if it does, we’ll take complete responsibility and make sure that it gets fixed immediately, so you can rest assured your solution will be seamlessly integrated without any headaches.

“C-COR’s ability to assist in electronic/optical equipment selection, design and engineering support for HFC networks has placed them at the forefront in the Asia Pacific region. C-COR is highly regarded by myself and colleagues within the industry for their presence in Australia, allowing them to deliver excellent customer service and strong post-sales support”

Field Operations ManagerAustralian Telco

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