C-COR offers Casa’s Wireless Access Gateway solution for managing trusted and untrusted Wi-Fi networks, and providing 4G data offloading over Wi-Fi infrastructure. Casa’s Axyom Wi-Fi Access Gateway offers service providers a simple, scalable, carrier-grade WAG solution ideal for community Wi-Fi environments such as hotspots, MDUs and venue-based public Wi-Fi. Axyom leverages the modular software approach to deliver the cable industry’s first and highest density converged access platform. The Axyom WAG provides a flexible solution for multiple applications such as 4G data offloading, enterprise Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, multi-dwelling units, hospitality, and residential hotspot solutions. Axyom offers advanced security measures using Scalable IKEv2 and IPSec SA (Security Association) rekeying, IPSec tunnels / MOBIKE (Mobility and Multi-homing Protocol) security association and DoS and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) detection, protection, and prevention, anti-spoofing and subscriber session limits.

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