Casa Systems’ LTE mobile edge solution is a Network Function Virtualised platform which can be operated from a single 1RU Common Off the Shelf server, and can manage one million subscribers per RU. Axyom provides functionalities of a small cell gateway, Wi-Fi and trusted Wi-Fi access gateway, 4G data offloading over Wi-Fi controller, micro cell controller, Home eNode B Controller, evolved Packet Data Gateway Serving Gateway, Security Gateway and Distributed Self-Organising Network (D-SON).


  • Axyom Ultra-Broadband Edge Platform

    Description Axyom Ultra-Broadband Edge Platform C-COR Part Number Specifications Axyom_Ultra_Broadband_Edge_Platform The Internet of Things (IoT), high-definition everything, virtual and augmented reality, ever bigger data tsunamis – this is the not-so...

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