FTTH Mini Node – IPCOR ON120

The IPCOR ON120 series is an FTTH Mini Node that supports Video Overlay application over FTTH optical fibre access network. It operates on 1002MHz RF bandwidth with high output power up to 82dBuV (AGC).

IPCOR ON120 has low power consumption and optional built-in WDM to support PON signal pass-through. It is part of ACT Deep Fibre and FTTH solution, which helps operators provide superior video services in an FTTH PON network architecture.

The IPCOR-ON120 Mini Node adopts high sensitivity optical receiver and specially designed low noise matching circuit. The mini node provides high output and is installed at the subscriber premises, suitable for advanced FTTx, high density MDU, SMB, or hospitality market applications. The IPCOR-ON120 mini node is designed with built in WDM optical passive, which will pass the 1310/1490nm data wavelength to the ONU / ONT CPE device.

With the extremely compact housing, modular design, IPCOR-ON120 mini node provides the flexible configuration for MSOs to deliver advanced video services to their customer. This fibre deep product series improve overall network performance, and offer sufficient bandwidth for new application demand.

Details for FTTH Mini Node – IPCOR ON120

  • DOCSIS® / EuroDOCSIS® 3.0 Compliant and backward compatible
  • 1002MHz RF Spectrum for superior video services
  • Small form factor and low power consumption
  • Low noise circuit (3.8% modulate, -10dBm receive, CNR ≥ 45dB)
  • High output power up to 82dBuV for MDU application

Click here for the datasheet: FTTH Mini Node – IPCOR ON120