Next Generation Cable Architecture


What is a Next Gen Cable architecture?

The Virtual CCAP architecture migrates today’s headend from RF to digital and enables you to deploy an all-IP, all-Ethernet system from the headend to the node.

By completely digitising the hub, Virtual CCAP allows you to remove the physical CCAP and legacy CMTS systems.

Virtual CCAP is an innovative architecture built on an existing operational methodologies and management tools: no change here. It is CableLabs standards compliant.

It delivers all the features and functions of CCAP.

In addition, Remote PHY and Remote MAC-PHY are toolkits for delivering a complete Distributed Access Architecture over Ethernet Nodes.



Ultra Broadband

HFC Optical Transport

Optical Amplifiers

Headend Passives

Line Power System

Set-Top Boxes / Gateways

Stretcher Amplifiers

Pole Hardware (OSP)

Equipment Management