How To Prepare Your Business
And Its Customers For The New
Blockchain-Connected Web 3.0

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This Is Why You Need To Care About Blockchain

As 2018 closes and 2019 begins, your business needs to understand this:

The Internet as you know it is about to change.

This change is going to disrupt and reshape the very idea of a ‘transaction’.

How you exchange and store information and money with your customers — and within your business — will soon rely on Blockchain technology.

You’ve probably heard of Blockchain — it’s the distributed ledger technology that underpins digital currencies like Bitcoin.

But digital currency is only the beginning of something much bigger.
According to technology futurist and author, Ian Khan;

“Above anything else, the most critical area where Blockchain helps is to guarantee the validity of a transaction by recording it not only on a main register but a connected distributed system of registers, all of which are connected through a secure validation mechanism.” 

In other words, Blockchain could reduce accounting errors to zero and make fraud virtually impossible.

Can you imagine how different your business would be with 0% chance of an error or fraud?

That’s just one of the ways this technology is going to change the way you work.

Decentralised, Incorruptible, Revolutionary

Blockchain technology is decentralised, fully transparent and virtually impossible to hack. Its move from digital currency management into the wider digital world is happening FAST.As you read this, research projects are in progress across the world as governments and businesses learn how they can harness Blockchain technology (and the ‘smart contracts’ it supports).

Here are just a few things that you can expect to use Blockchain for in the near future:


Blockchain enables users to code simple contracts that automatically execute when the conditions are met. This could reshape salary negotiations, for example.


Blockchain is advancing the peer-to-peer funding community by potentially making it possible to source venture capital through crowdsourcing.


The technology’s complete transparency and accessibility means your company governance could also become fully transparent and verifiable when managing digital assets, equity or information.


Distributed ledgers provide an easy way to certify the origin of your products and verify the claims you make in your marketing. This radical transparency could have a huge impact on building trust and respect.


Distributing data throughout your networks on a Blockchain protects files from getting hacked or lost. This could also speed up file transfer and streaming.


Blockchain technology could eliminate traditional stock broking. Instead of waiting on a clearing house, custodian or auditor, we might execute and settle share trades instantaneously across a Blockchain.

Intellectual Property

Blockchain-based smart contracts could totally eliminate the risk of file copying and redistribution.

The power of this new distributed ledger technology is huge — and we’re only beginning to see its potential.
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The Foundation For The New Web 3.0

Blockchain’s distributed ledgers enable users to create simple contracts that will execute when specified conditions are met.

Ethereum is the open source Blockchain project created to realise this possibility.
At the technology’s current development level, smart contracts can perform simple functions. For instance, derivatives can be paid out when a financial instrument meets certain benchmarks.

But in the future, smart contracts could be used to complete complex transactions for things like cars, houses and insurance.
Global insurance firm AXA is already using Blockchain technology to enhance its customer offering.

This is the new shape the Internet is taking. Blockchain will underpin a huge number of transactional operations we thought had reached their technological peak.

We Want To Help You Make The Most Of Blockchain

C-COR believes that in 2018, Blockchain will begin to have mass effect on how consumers, businesses and governments operate at every level.

If you don’t understand some of the above, that’s OK.

This is a rapidly evolving tech frontier that few people fully understand yet.

Right now, you need to understand this:

The Blockchain is a radical new way to transfer, share and secure data.

It’s going to power how we live and do business through series of smart contracts.

In doing so, Blockchain technology is going to disrupt the commercial landscape and radically reshape how you do business with your customers.

The potential operational and commercial benefits to you and your customers are huge.

And the faster your business moves to understand and offer this technology, the more ready you’ll be to cater to your customers in the ultra-connected future.

We invite you to book an initial in-confidence Blockchain discovery session.

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